Are you a ‘trendsetter’ or a ‘soccer mom’? This map of SF can tell you

Photo: Esri Tapestry Segmentation – Click on the image to find your San Francisco neighborhood! 

Marketing agencies know everything from our age, income, education level, shopping preferences, and media consumption. They use these data to serve us advertisements for products they think we will want to buy based on the habits and actions of individuals from a similar data set.

Esri, which bills itself a “location intelligence company,” created an interactive map in 2014 that lets you input a zip code to learn about the average person living therein. It bestows these demographics with cute — and sometimes offensive — labels ranging from “trendsetter” and “soccer mom” to “social security set” and “laptops and lattes.” The Mission is full of “trendsetters.” The Tenderloin belonging in the “social security set.” Read more here

Article by Michelle Robertson on February 21, 2019

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