Industry experts and SF notables reveal their favorite neighborhoods in 2018

A sweetheart in the Central Sunset. $999,000 ~ click on image for details!

While San Francisco’s newest neighborhood didn’t get any love this year from our gaggle of notables and experts—perhaps this had something to do with it?—some of the city’s other nascent ’hoods did see a tip of the hat, including the unfairly maligned Mission Bay neighborhood.

Places like North Beach, the finger-snapping beatnik joint of yore; the Castro, the country’s queer mecca; and the Outer Sunset, the westside’s sleepy village poised for a major growth spurt, also received adoration.

But two of Curbed SF’s favorites—Sherwood Forest and Presidio Heights, two tony yet off-the-radar neighborhoods—didn’t make this year’s cut, either. (To which we say, pish posh.)

To take a look at the year that was, we asked a handful of people in real estate, urban planning, media, architecture, and transit to offer their thoughts. Here are their favorite SF stomping grounds in 2018.


Article Sf.curbed by Brock Keeling Dec 21, 2018, 7:30 am PST

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