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The 7 best Neighborhoods in San Francisco

Marina Neighborhood

Locating the city’s best neighborhood all depends on your priorities. We’ve pored over the numbers and done the homework for you, whether you’re a foodie or a family person, looking for a real-estate deal or just a piece of the sun. Now all you’ve got to do is decide which San Francisco you want most.

Best For Families: OUTER SUNSET
The farther south and west you go, the more kids the city has. But when you look at the percentage of homes with kids combined with proximity to good schools, the Outer Sunset wins, hands down. Thirty percent of its households have children, and of 20 schools with a “9” or “10” rating on greatschools.org (which rates both public and private schools), fully half of them are in the Outer Sunset (with two more nearby in the Inner Sunset). The Outer Sunset’s also got its fair share of playgrounds, parks and, of course, the ocean and the zoo.

Runner-Up: OUTER RICHMOND: 24 percent of households have kids; 3 top rated schools.

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By 7×7 Editors published in June 2010.

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San Francisco Marina District

What’s It Like in the Marina?
San Francisco’s Marina District offers flat land  for jogging and water for  surfing and Pacific Heights hills not a far hike.  It’s a location where the singles scene is hopping on Friday and Saturday nights, with lots of good energy.  Union is arguably the best street in the city to window-shop the hours away on a sunny Saturday afternoon and, a few blocks down, Chestnut has an incredible variety of high-quality restaurants catering to every palate.

A short walk to the Presidio where Lucas Films is located with many other facilities to enjoy and the YMCA. The North Side of San Francisco is a relocation destination for young adults where a social atmosphere on Chestnut street can be found.

Specializing in the Marina…housing is not always found through Craigslist…its all about networking.  Contact: www.SilvanaMessing.com

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